Friday, December 10, 2010

hi this is the g. green blog, it's about g. green stuff!

G. Green is
Andrew Henderson - vox
Brittney Gray - bass
Liz Liles - drum
Michael Feerick - guitar
Rod Meyer - guitar

we are playin some shows soon:

1/8 in Davis, CA @ DAM House w/ Gestapo Khazi (Long Beach) + Warm Streams
1/18 in Sacramento, CA @ The Hub w/ Ty Segall + Babs Johnson Gang + Pistol Pete

we also playin Slabtown Bender in Portland, Oregon.  It is February 4-6, more details on that and some surrounding Northwest shows as we figure it out.

we also recording a 7" with Chris Woodhouse pretty soon.  It is gonna be two songs: Gay 90's b/w Crap Culture.  it's gonna come out on Mt. St. Mtn.  then were gonna start recording a full length with Andy Morin.

thats about it for now! k see ya!